Quote-Acrostics | by Eve Strong Myers

Printable on-line Acrostic puzzles are based on a quotation from a published work, fiction or non-fiction. These word puzzles may be a solitary pleasure or one played competitively with others. When the definitions are completed, the first letter of each word, reading vertically, will spell out the name of the author and the title of the book from which the quotation is taken.

Each quotation, the basis of the Acrostic, was selected to delight, either for the wit, the wisdom, or the poetic expression. The clues call upon a wide range of knowledge in the fields of literature, history, philosophy, and the sciences. The word puzzles should challenge the expert, but not intimidate the novice.

Sample Puzzle 1 - Scroll Down for Puzzle 2
Let us begin with your sample Acrostic which may be printed out. First, determine the word defined. Fill in the letters over the dashes, transferring each to the corresponding numbered square in the grid. As skeletons of words begin to form in the diagram and some letters of the author and book title are in place, work back and forth between the word list and grid. Guessing is encouraged. The plural "s" and the verb endings "ed" and "ing" are often a good starting point. Filling in prepositions and the articles is helpful. Use reference books? Of course. Google? Sure. Your courteous puzzlemaster offers a leg-up. KATMANDU, definition "A", is the "Administrative center of Nepal". Place the letters over the dashes, then to the directed numbered square. You are now on your own. Have fun!

2004 Eve Strong Myers

Sample Puzzle 2

2004 Eve Strong Myers

NOTE: These Acrostics are protected by copyright law. One copy only may be printed for your use.

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